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Girl Effect was created in 2008 by the Nike Foundation, in collaboration with the NoVo Foundation, and United Nations Foundation among others. It launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos with a film that challenged people to think differently about the role girls play in development. They launched a unique digital brand called 'Chaa Jaa' in India creating sexual health and career-related content for young girls small-town India. LOCAL was brought on to create a motion-enabled brand language that would span across all its sub-brands.



Utilising over a year of field research, LOCAL created 3 sub-brand identities for its 3 show formats. While these identities were unique, they came together to create the 'Chaa Jaa' universe using a unifying graphic language.

Encourage girls to believe their future is their decision! We want to make it normal for girls to think about going to the doctor's or talk to their parents about choices for their education- we know that when one girl is inspired  to act, she motivates others to do the same, acting as a digital big sister or friend for girls to go as they make decisions that will define their own futures!



the sub-brands

Graphics for web series: Arre sun na

graphics for web series: khullam khulla

graphics for web series: tumhari meri baatein

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