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Who we are
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After working in the industry for 12 years both in India and abroad, our founder, Roshnee Desai saw a need to build a design studio in India that would be the bridge between international design standards and Indian cultural nuances.


In a world where brands are becoming homogenised and unmemorable, we aim to build unique culture-focussed brand stories that you can own and cherish for years to come.


We work with a mix of immersion sessions, interviews and workshops to derive data from which we study the cultural and social context of your brand to ensure it resonates with it’s target audience and build an ownable local story that fits your brand ethos.

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Our Services

Under Strategy and

Research, we work on:

• Research, workshops and


• Brand naming

• Brand strategy and position

• Brand vision and mission

• Brand copy

• Brand story

• Brand architecture

Under Brand Design,

we work on:

• Brand logo + identity

• Brand colours + typography

• Brand graphics + imagery

• Brand music, smells

• Brand animation

• Brand video

• Icons and illustrations

• Brand guidelines

Under Design and Creative

Direction, we create:

• Stationery and collaterals

• Packaging design

• Website and app design

• Retail experiences

• Print campaigns

• Video campaigns

• Social media campaigns


For enquiries on both studio and labs:

For jobs & internships:


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