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Singapore Tourism Board



What we did:

  • Onground & Online Campaign concept & design

  • ​Illustration​​

  • Animation

  • Copywriting


In early 2023, Kris+, a lifestyle rewards app, and Pelago, a travel experiences platform, joined forces to curate unique travel experiences for inbound travellers. This included adventure and sight-seeing packages, curated dining passes, exclusive shopping offers and a way to explore Singapore like never before. 

This initiative was funded by Singapore Tourism Board and became an extension of the country’s official SingapoReimagine campaign. LOCAL was invited to create a campaign for Kris+ and Pelago’s initiative that extended to both on-ground and digital spaces. 


We put ourselves in the shoes of a tourist exploring Singapore, guided by Kris+ and Pelago. We wondered what a good trip here can really look like – from morning to evening. Our key takeaway: even when you’re in a new country which has so much to offer that you could end up missing out, Kris+ and Pelago curate passes and packages that make the best of everything accessible. Seamlessly good. 



We created a campaign titled ‘Reimagine Everyday’: an extension of SingapoReimage, but a lot more personal. 

A trip to Singapore with Kris+ and Pelago means you get to reimagine every moment of the day. No more boring breakfasts at the hotel or hours finding a place for dinner in a new place. No more figuring out itineraries or to-see lists.

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We wanted our audiences to experience Singapore in a more personal and meaningful way.

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