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We humans want to conquer things

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

We humans want to conquer things

First the elements of nature.

Then the animals and plants

We tried to take their best features, outrun them, enslave them. We did this with other cultures, people, ideas.

When computers became mainstream -

They said our lives would become easier.

But what we didn’t account for is the human need to compete.

So we decided to work faster than them

To keep up. Because we wanted everything, immediately, because now we could. (Even if it meant to burnout.)

Image: Taken at the ArtScence Museum, Singapore 2023

Now that AI is there. I know we will first use it to better our work.

Then we will try to out-smart it

Be more, do more.

Don’t know how long we will be able to keep up though as machines becomes smarter and smarter.

(Will this ultimately make us sadder?)

I think humans don’t really want easier lives, we just want better competitors.

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