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What we did:

  • Branding

Market Research + Immersion

Brand Identity + Elements

Brand Guidelines

  • Brochure Design

International Impact:

Upon launch, the restaurant got listed in TimeOut London's '24 Best New Restaurants in the World'

In the press



Located in Kala Ghoda, Plural is a restaurant founded on the ethos

of sharing. It was born out of its founder’s desire to share the food

of Southeast Asia with the people of Mumbai, an idea that is reflected

in the restaurant’s name, its communal setting and its menu.


The branding had to reflect its roots which lie in the cuisine of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, as well as Plural’s commitment to sustainability and the environment.



Like the recipes used by the chefs of Plural, we sourced our inspiration from the soil and “step” farms of Southeast Asia. We crafted a visual language that was clean and green, reflecting Plural’s approach to food, and used it across a range of touch points ––- from menus to masks.

local research

Through a series of workshops, interviews and tastings, we learned about the Indo-Chine region’s agricultural landscape and rich culinary history. We dug into their ingredients, the way they grow them and the enduring influence of the French to get inspired and craft a fresh and clutter-breaking visual language.


THE local approach

The world of Indo-Asian cuisine is dominated by chilli reds and soy browns. Through Plural, we wanted to introduce an alternate vision of Asian food: subtle, textural and vegetable-first.


To this end, we created a library of patterns using fresh produce and vegetable dye, a logo that echoes the Vietnamese farmscape, and a series of sustainable, paper-based collaterals.



the result is an asian dining experience that is a sanctuary of soothing greens and sumptuous flavours.



Like the rhythmic terraced fields of the Asian continent,

the letters of the logo form “terraces” of their own.


“plural as in diverse cuisines,

diverse flavours and diverse guests.”

IMG_20210701_115318 2.jpg

Brand Textures


Since greens and grains are the heart of the food served at plural, we used these ingredients and vegetable dye to create a bank of bank textures.

the process was hands-on and organic,

with no two prints being the same.

Identity design

wall mural_04.01.2020_D.png



The visual language draws from the local

colours and flavours of Southeast Asia.

MicrosoftTeams-image (47).png
MicrosoftTeams-image (51)_edited.png

we incorporated plural’s commitment to sustainability into

our design vision, opting for environment-friendly materials.

pr box.png

Colours and graphics

Shru with tote_edited.jpg

"A wonderful decision to pick LOCAL for my maiden venture. A small but powerhouse team that unfailingly understood and assimilated my requirement and then went beyond - adeptly executing the thought into tangibles. Made for a robust overall identity. Very iterative in the approach and a great eye for detail."

Vedant Shah, Founder, Plural Restaurant

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