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'You had to be there' Campaign

What we did:

  • Social Media Campaign: Facebook and Instagram


Pelago is a travel experience platform launched by Singapore airlines. The brief was to design a campaign to position Pelago as a culturally relevant brand that goes beyond promotions and deals. 

We had to do so while promoting their travel program ‘Straight From The Source’. Where they had handpicked activities across the world which give users hands on - first hand experiences.


LOCAL designed a campaign titled “You had to be there”. 

Travel stories (especially in the age of the Internet) have a way of transporting us to that experience, it makes us want to join the traveller immediately - evoking a sense of FOMO (Gen Z for: fear of missing out)

We attempted captured this emotion through graphics of post cards, post it notes and sheer storytelling of this exciting campaign!

Pelago x LOCAL Master Deck WIP-2.jpg
Pelago x LOCAL Master Deck WIP-4_edited.jpg

We discovered that Pelago is a host of curated experiences that is focused on an audience looking for a culturally authentic way to engage with their destination-

"Straight from the source"

THE local approach

Imagine getting a postcard from a close friend

who is experiencing a from the source trip,

urging you to come join them! 

We developed a visual language inspired by postcards placed on various backgrounds of destinations as if someone wrote a postcard

right after the experience. For visual brand integration, we used Pelago's brand colours

and designed stamps out of logo shapes. 


layout breakdown



First carousel is a series of postcards written about different experiences inviting the audience to join the same


This carousel is an extension of the postcard concept with additions of some polaroids. As if the postcards and polaroids are collected in a diary/journal like a collage

Instagram Post Mockup by GraphicsFamily copy.jpg

instagram posts

"When we approached LOCAL for this project, they described themselves perfectly - As our in-house brand consultants, as an extension of our design team.

LOCAL grasped our campaign brief perfectly, and then gave it their own magical spin as they always do. The result was a bank of creatives that we continue to use well after the campaign, and icons and visuals that have made our users pause and look, in this digital age of little attention. Working with local was a breeze, the team is a delight and there was immsense thought and effort put in at every step of the project. Undoubtedly our paths will cross again and we’re excited to see how we can level up the brand even further."


Reshmi Shekhar, Brand Marketing Lead, Pelago

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