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Mix Media Film



Writing, Direction, Animation, Voice: Roshnee Desai

Sound Design: Pascal Louis Mowla

Second Voice: Pallavi Manchi

Location: University of the Arts studio



Pallavi Manchi

Nireesha Prakash

Muktai Joshi

Rashmi Battase



Cover Up is an experimental mix media film about an urban Indian girl traveling through her city late at night. It gives viewers a peek into the thoughts and mentalities of a culture steeped in patriarchy and a society that demands you to hide its flaws and not let you truly express yourself, demands you to cover up.



This film was the outcome of a research project studying 'How the subconscious can be portrayed through moving image'. It was created using techniques of ghost writing and scanning quick sketches on post it notes.



Won Best Female Director and People's Choice Award at Women in Film and Television & American Consulate Awards

Screening and Q&A Session (39th Asian American FIlm Festival)


Cover up was created while studying different ways how the subconscious can be depicted through films, comics, art and animation.
It is an experimental mixed media film, exploring the different ways to express the subconscious of a medium, a city and a character.
Watch with headphones and on full screen.

The film

The making of

The script was written through the
Surrealist technique of ‘Ghost Writing’
It was then broken down into key sentences and each sentence was then expressed through textures and patterns on post-it notes.
These notes were then scanned in and
animated directly on, leaving them as
raw and true to the original sketches as
possible, resisting giving them a ‘finished’
Further, objects and some studio footage was shot and mixed together with the animation to give a raw, ‘Art-Brut’ feel.
Making of and concept interview
The film was also dubbed in Hindi, on her return to India.
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