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Capri Global Capital Ltd.

What we did:

  • Branding

Market Research + Immersion

Brand Identity + Elements

Brand Guidelines

  • Website UI Design

  • 30 Brand Illustrations



Rebranding a micro-financing company for an increasingly self-reliant (आत्म निर्भर) nation

Capri Global Capital Limited is a micro-financing company that provides a range of financial services including home and MSME loans for those with limited access to financing options thus making a lasting difference in the lives of India's poorest. 


They are solving a particularly important problem in the country where there is a large population that doesn’t get access to banking and more formal loans due to a lack of credit history and documentation. They wanted this human story to become the most visible part of their brand.

While Anomaly Brands created the brand strategy, LOCAL was tasked with bringing the strategy to life through design.

A brand look and feel born from strategy

We wanted to bring the 'human' aspect of Capri's business into the storytelling. Capri gives microloans to not just MSMEs but even to first-time entrepreneurs in the rural sector of India, thus increasing their credit score and giving them a level playing field in business.

Capri believes that it takes one person from the family, community, village, town to create the trajectory of becoming upwardly mobile. No man or woman is an island. When one person grows, they take their community with them, either because of the money or as a role model for others to aspire to. Capri builds such growths.

the mnemonic

THE logo


We re-designed Capri's logo to symbolise its brand philosophy of collective growth.

logo versions


The two main verticals of Capri Global are:

Capri Capital Limited: focusing on MSME loans 

Capri Housing Finance : focusing on Home loans

LOCAL created a primary logo that would work seamlessly with both these product logos. With the elasticity to adapt to current or future needs, we have provided true flexibility and longevity. The enhanced retail service design has delivered a customer-centric space with multi-functional possibilities. In a sector undergoing constant change, this is a brand designed for tomorrow.

brand photography


Capri's photography depicts how the company is making India self-reliant across all social and economic classes one Individual at a time. It shows both the upwardly mobile and the effects of that collective growth on the community. The subjects in the photographs are actual clients of the company posing against the businesses that Capri help fund.


brand elements

ICON library

We hand illustrated a library of 30 different icons that helps the brand communicate seamlessly with Capri Global's diverse customer base - across India's multiple geographies, languages, and strata. We wanted to make banking easy to understand and approachable. The illustration style was to be friendly, humane, and clear.

website user interface design​

LOCAL was tasked with designing a continued brand look and story for Capri's online presence. 

Templates and guidelines were set in place for their digital partners to then take forward.

brand roll out​

On March 2020, Capri Global started rolling out the new brand​ identity, bringing a fresh offer to the Indian financial services market, democratising access to capital. 

LOCAL logo