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Hello! + Satyajit Ray's work
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Sourav Roy
Apr 13, 2021
Hey @Jigyasa Tuli. Late to the party, but sometime last year, I too got obsessed with Ray's work as a graphic designer. Although I've grown up devouring his Bengali fiction, only much later did I realise that the pen & ink illustrations in these books were made by Ray himself. After some intense scouring online I started compiling a pinterest board of all the book jackets, magazine covers, film posters, etc that Ray designed. Feel free to keep adding to it, everyone. However, this book by Debashish Deb has a detailed breakdown and analysis of his graphic work, complete with coloured photographs. It's divided into 4 parts: book jackets, illustration, typography, and film collaterals. The book is written in Bengali but I would be more than happy to share pages from it here. A lot of the work discussed in the book is not even on the internet. There is another book by Jayanti Sen but it's hella expensive. There's also The Pather Panchali Sketchbook that has the original storyboards and sketches that Ray drew for the film. The book is no longer in stock on Amazon, but I have a copy and would be glad to share photos. These aside, older Calcutta households and libraries still have original copies of Ray's books and Sandesh editions (with covers designed by him). I can only hope that these physical copies are carefully gathered and archived for posterity by people with the resources to do so. Here are some more cool old book jackets from India that I stumbled upon while looking for Ray's work: Link 1 Link 2 Link 3
Sourav Roy

Sourav Roy

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