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Jigyasa Tuli
Jan 21, 2021
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Hello y'all! This is my first post here. A little intro -- I'm Jigyasa! An intern here at LOCAL, and currently in my final year of design studies! I joined in on this forum because I feel like there is a lack of discourse about what Indian graphic design really means. In a larger sense too, I feel that education in graphic design tends to be euro-centric, or anglo-centric. There is a DEFINITE lack of BIPOC voices in the discipline of design itself. So, I am really glad that a space like this exists. (Also, I love having conversations about this topic so please feel free to hit me up if you'd like to also rant/talk/vent!) Also, I was looking at some inspiration for a recent project at school and found out that, Satyajit Ray was high-key an amazing graphic designer??!!! Just have a look at some of the film posters/book covers he made: Here's also a good article that AIGA did about him in 2019. Also by homegrown. Does anyone have any other leads/sources of Indian designers/artists they really like? Would love to know!
Hello! + Satyajit Ray's work content media
Jigyasa Tuli
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