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Ashlesha Hadkar
Oct 19, 2020
In General Discussions
We are attempting to create a database of Indian design research one graphic object at a time. The idea is to create an open source community where people can learn and build over research done before and hence move Indian Graphic Design forward. Here’s how it works: 1. Every alternate week, we will announce an Indian graphic object. This week it is: Indian Vehicle Sticker Story 2. We will send you a folder link where you can add the information about this topic. 3. Make a folder with your name 4. Put in your data in the template provided and upload it in the folder. For further instructions refer to the instruction guide provided. 5. Any other information/data research papers, links, images, videos and resources can be added to the folder Link to the folder --> Indian Vehicle Sticker Story Thanks, Team LOCAL LABS You can view the previous theme collections here - theindiangraphicdesignstory
Indian Graphic Design Story : Third theme is up! content media
Ashlesha Hadkar

Ashlesha Hadkar

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