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Zivine Garments

Brand name, concept and design

In-store branding


Landor Associates

Creative Directior:

Ektaa Aggarwal


Roshnee Desai

Janki Lathia


The client wanted to launch a new mass apparel line for children aged 0-6 which would appear in big shopping chains in India like Shoppers Stop and Pantaloons and have some flagship stores. We had to create a brand that would stand out in the crowded marketplace of shop-in-shop and render itself to an interactive shopping experience which both the print and child could enjoy. They wanted the store and the brand to be talkative and lively just like the children that would consume it.


We named the brand 'Ello' derived from the world 'Hello' how a child would say it. The word also lent itself to a 'fill-in-the-blanks' game where more word and ad-libs could be made out of it. And hence the brand became a word puzzle.

We also came up with a bunny mascot that would travel with the child into different puzzle worlds. Orange was chosen as the primary brand colour to depict playful, cheerful and child-like while also standing out in crowded aisles.

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