Save Aarey

why are we doing this?

After many days of protests and marching, the fight to save 3500 trees in Mumbai's green patch goes on. Mumbai is notorious for having the least amount of urban green spaces in the world. The new Metro being built wants to create a car shed in the Aarey Milk Colony, which borders the Sanjay Gandhi National Park considered as the lungs of the city which otherwise has not big gardens in it. We at LOCAL, along with 1000s of citizens are questioning the decision and pleading for an alternative. These series of posters and instagram ready artwork are meant for the peaceful campaigners that have taken to the streets of Mumbai despite rain and are fighting for this cause. They are free to download and can be used to show support throughout the campaign.

Here is our first batch of posters for this. Watch this space for more.



Poster series

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