IKINAKI is the brainchild of two young women, Ranu Singh and Malvika Khajuria. Tired of searching through endless products in their daily lives and having hit or miss experiences, they wanted to create an app that would let people recommend and share products that they have tried, eventually creating a social media network for product reviews.



They wanted this app to become a social media habit and hence the target group was 16-20 year olds since they were early adopters. For this target the brand had to be conversational, fun and be able to integrate products from FMCG to tech and lifestyle.


We studied the young digital natives and observed what appealed to them. A clear tone of voice was defined of 'a friend who you always go for recommendations and advice'.

This personality was then translated into the brand through its icons, characters, copy, patterns and colour scheme. 

We created a series of key assets and touch points that defined the brand and then created a guideline that would be used by web developers and social media agencies that IKINAKI would engage in in the future.



Brand design language for a product review app.


Agency: LOCAL


icon set

tone of voice

on boarding

empty states

website landing page

Social media templates

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